Happy release day to Nova Arisól LaMason with Heartstrings

Heartstrings by Nova Arisól LaMasonHappy release day to Nova Arisól LaMason with Heartstrings. Heartstrings is a beautifully crafted book that certainly plays on emotions. Guy and Vladimir have the perfect life. They have their music, but most of all they have each other. When Sergio comes to room with them their lives are disrupted. Can they learn to live together in perfect harmony?

They were perfect soul mates… and then, HE showed up.

Vladimir Andante and Guy Largo are not only esteemed students at the world’s most prestigious university for musical prodigies, but perhaps the most watched couple on campus. Vladimir is regally beautiful, bearing the most adored male singing voice, while Guy is handsome and friendly, besting all with the piano. Their love for each other is candid and true, and steamy behind closed doors.

While observing the entrance examinees’ performances, they notice that one man, the mysterious and good-looking Sergio Grave, stands out on stage. His passion with the violin, like tendrils of magic, captivates them and the entire audience. But when Sergio is assigned as their new roommate, his attitude, unlike his talent, turns out to be far less than stellar. What drives his harsh, repellent behavior, and why does he intend to endure the trials of the world’s toughest music school alone? While Guy always tries to see the good in others, Vladimir hardly cares to find out. When they unwittingly do, it starts a whole new roller coaster of emotions that shakes the lovers’ relationship.

Reader Advisory: Contains certain sexual scenarios that should not be attempted by the inexperienced, hurt/comfort, and angst—a lot of angst.

Available from all good distributors and from Luminosity HERE

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