Happy Release Day to Marion Webb-De Sisto with Corrupting Demon

Happy Release Day to Marion Webb-De Sisto with Corrupting Demon

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Corrupting Demon by Marion Webb-De SistoHappy release day to Marion Webb-De Sisto with Corrupting Demon. Corrupting Demon is the first story in a brand new paranormal romance series called World of Kurbridor. Angels and Demons populate the Earthlike planet on a faraway solar system, and each book features an intriguing alien romance, filled with passion, love and intrigue.

Can demon lust become true love?

On the magical world of Kurbridor, Emmi Jareth reluctantly goes to a club with two of her friends. Soon she realizes someone seated in a dark corner is watching her. Even though he appears to be human, she believes he’s a demon. Emmi leaves the club and finds him waiting at her building’s front entrance. A moment later he’s gone and she thinks three glasses of red wine must have made her imagine him there. That night she dreams about this person and that his name is Turael.

The next day he stands outside the store where Emmi works, watching her, but is gone before she leaves. When he comes to her home and convinces her he is a demon who will corrupt her through sex, Emmi is frightened. She feels physically attracted to him, yet is appalled by his intention.

Is it her destiny to become a sex slave of the demon lords, or are Turael’s plans changed?

Reader Advisory: Is the affection of a corrupting demon true love or merely lust? Only the author and readers of this story know the answer.

Available from all good distributors and Luminosity HERE

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