Happy Release Day to J. Lee Roberts

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Queen of the Nightlings - Volume 2: The Aztec GoddessHappy release day to J. Lee Roberts. J. Lee has written the 2nd adventure in the Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings series. This one is called The Aztec Goddess. Full of witches, shamans, shape-shifters, and sexy heroes and heroines, this Paranormal Fantasy, follows the wickedly sexual adventures of Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings.

Adventures of a sexy seductress

Witches, shifters, and shamans. Oh my… Catalina is at it again, and as always, no one is off limits. Strong, smart, and sexy, the Queen of the Nightlings is all but invincible. All except for one little weakness—twins.

Deep in the heart of the jungle an ancient power calls. As Catalina searches for its source, she discovers a lost Viking warrior washed ashore after a sudden squall. Although she is forced to abandon her prey, Catalina knows she will never get over the mysterious stud without at least one little taste. Trouble is—while the Cat was out to play, tall, blond and handsome has gotten away.

The journey is only beginning when she finds her prize has been captured by a crafty coven. Catalina may be a monster, but what the witches have in store for the warrior is downright evil.

Join Catalina, if you dare. Read along, as the sexy succubus seduces her way out of yet another steamy adventure.

Reader Advisory: Be forewarned, the story within, contains X-rated tales of a Nightlings, naughty escapades. 

The Aztec Goddess is available from all good distributors and Luminosity here.

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