Happy Release Day to Heather Kinnane with Erotic Writer Seeks Men

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Erotic Writer Seeks Men by Heather KinnaneHappy release day to Heather Kinnane with Erotic Writer Seeks Men. Heather’s story is a ménage à quatre, featuring three extremely attractive guys, and one inspired and lucky author!

“You act out my fantasies, I’ll act out yours.”

Erotic author, Samantha Fox is one of those shy quiet types you need to look out for. Though publicly she still blushes at the faintest sexual innuendo, privately she likes to get all her darkest fantasies down on paper. She’s published one of her steamy novels, but a fear of being discovered led her to tone down the good bits, turning a hot erotic story into mediocre titillation.

Now with a sex life to match her pitiful writing, she’s come up with a grand idea of how to improve both—an ad in the local paper. “Fem. Erotic Author seeks men for experience, experimentation, and inspiration for erotic works.”

At first the whole idea seems to be a complete failure, but then she meets Richard, Jarred and Oliver. Suddenly the stories are flowing again, and Samantha’s love life is busier than it’s ever been.

Available from all good distributors, and Luminosity HERE

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