Fiery Love
By Marion Webb-De Sisto

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Is a fire daemon love too hot to handle?

One day, while working in her cake store on the magical world of Kurbridor, Beccah Simpton is threatened by a demgel. This half demon, half angel person wants to abduct Beccah and make her his sex slave, but other customers enter the store before he is able to do more. He says he’ll return at another time. For protection, Beccah hires a fire daemon, named Garr, from the local Protection Division. She’s afraid of the daemon, but realizes she needs his protection.

Garr becomes her protector and is more than willing to fight the threatening demgel, yet also extremely servile toward her. He feels attracted to his new charge; she in turn begins to lose her fear and is drawn to him.

Will the demgel come back and try to capture Beccah? If so, can Garr defeat him? And can a human and fire daemon look beyond their differences and find love?

Reader Advisory: A servile, yet fierce hero, and a down-to-earth cake-baking heroine. Ingredients for a dish that’s tasty and hot.


[tab title="Genre" start=open] Erotic Paranormal Romance, Angels & Demons, Fantasy / Fairy Tales Available as an ePub, PDF, and Mobi file [/tab] [tab title="Heat Rating"] [icon icon=icon-heart size=18px color=#753f74 ][icon icon=icon-heart size=18px color=#753f74 ][icon icon=icon-heart size=18px color=#753f74 ] Scorching-Hot Romance [/tab] [tab title="Word Count"] 36,542 [/tab]

[tab title="Series"] This is the 2nd story in the World of Kurbridor series. [/tab] [/tabs]

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