2015 Achievement Awards

Please vote for your favourite cover of 2015. Leave a comment and your email address to be entered into a draw to win your favourite book in paperback. Runs from 1st February – 13th February. Winner announced 14th February. The winning author will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Voucher and coveted Readers’ Choice Badge to display on their website.

Vote for the best cover 2015 - Readers' Choice Awards

7 Responses

  1. Ted Carol

    Dancing Queen has a vibrant cover that stands out from the rest.

  2. Laura Kalinowski

    Beautiful girl very seductive. The cover makes you want to read the book.

  3. Kim Pucher

    The cover is bright and colourful which really stands out

  4. Sandra Ross

    Love the red flowing free dress, you can feel her freedom and passion

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