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Luminosity Publishing is actively seeking new and established authors.


What we offer our authors

Luminosity Publishing is not a vanity publisher. You will not have to pay us anything to get your book published with us. Once your manuscript has been accepted, you will be assigned a projected release date, an ISBN, an editor, and a book cover, which will be created to enhance your story.

Each author will be assigned a biographical page on our website, which will be linked to your books, and also to a website of your choice.


Our pledge to you

We at Luminosity Publishing fully appreciate that an author’s work is of paramount importance to the individual. After all, it’s your baby, and with something so precious, we understand that you’re not about to hand it over to just any e-publisher.

With this in mind, Luminosity Publishing guarantee that all royalties will be paid in full, and on time, every time.

Trust, transparency, and cooperation are key to success, and this, along with a ‘can do’ attitude on our part, will ensure that our partnership will be an outstanding success.

If you feel you’d like to join us, or simply have some questions, please get in touch with either Kate Miles or Hannah Morgan. For questions, just use the contact form in the top left-hand corner of your screen.