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  1. Harvey Golden

    Omg this books sounds amazing. I can’t wait to buy this book and a few extra copies for my friends. Please let me know the very second I can buy this book. Paisley Cruz promises to be one of the best up and coming authors of this decade.

  2. I also can’t wait to read all of Paisley Cruz’s books she is awesome!!!!!!

  3. This book will be a best seller in no time, I am sure. So proud of Paisley. I can say that because I am her mom.

  4. I enjoyed learning more about the fictional vs real-life BDSM. I am looking forward to reading about an older (middle aged) couple. Really enjoyed the interview!!

  5. Bella Settarra

    Brilliant post! Can’t wait to read your book, Jennifer!

  6. Suzanne

    Just read Rosemary Willhide’s Running Away To Home and want to say this story gives new meaning to HOT PILATES workouts! From the moment Nia met Derek I was hooked and hoping these two would find their way fast into each others arms and hearts. I couldn’t stop reading and now have to get back to my job, my laundry and everything else I put off to follow this cool couple with the white hot chemistry. Great story, LOTS of steamy sex-who could ask for more? ME! Get that next book out soon because I’ll be finished catching up with my day to day and will need my next fix soon.

  7. Christine Foreman

    Rosemary Willhide’s Running Away To Home SIZZLE’S! The sparks between Nia and Derek could set off a smoke alarm! Their chemistry is blazing HOT and their insatiable desire for each other is intoxicating! I couldn’t pull myself away…. I was reading in my car before work, on my lunch break and even sneaking a chapter or two at my desk!! Can’t wait for the next book, Away With Him…. come on December!

  8. I have read a lot of H.C. Brown’s books and this one is short but so hot I read it twice and will again. I’m looking forward to this series. HC always says she will take the reader on a wild ride and she always does.

  9. Beautiful just beautiful made me cry. I loved Dare.

  10. A fast but hot read. It was good to see a bit of humor and although I love love love H.C Brown’s heavier BDSM stories but this one didn’t disappoint. I fell right into the world but then the author always takes me on a wonderful journey. I am looking forward to H.C. Brown’s next release.

  11. TK Lawyer

    A sensual, sexual, stimulating ride!

    Caution: This book is not for the faint of heart. Catalina Purdy, the heroine in the story, has a truly insatiable appetite, not only for the chemicals she needs to survive but for sex too (both men and women). Her quest for the second pearl lands her in many compromising situations and eventually, straight into the arms of a past lover, Dorian- a male that really gets her blood pumping.

    This story is a quick, enjoyable read. Vivid, action-packed scenes will draw you in if Catalina’s wit doesn’t. Catalina is a real, no-nonsense, Nightling with a good heart and readers will find themselves clamoring to be on her side and rooting for her all the way past the end of the book.

  12. TK Lawyer

    Another stimulating, wild ride

    Catalina is off on another adventure. This time it takes her into her past and when she first met Dorian. The historical notations in this story make it an interesting read while it draws the attention of the reader. True to her character, Catalina remains insatiable as ever and runs the gamut of women and men in this book in various situations and appetites. Perfect short book for those wanting an erotic escape.

  13. Can’t wait to read the 3rd book in this series!

  14. Paisley Cruz is an amazing author and I cant wait for more books to come out.

  15. Awesome cover, very mysterious and sensual! Love the book as well!

  16. Awesome cover, awesome book. Definitely a must read. Paisley Cruz is an awesome new author. She will go far.

  17. I love the cover of Twink. H.C. Brown is a new author to me and I’m really enjoying her books. The different worlds she builds are amazing and the sexy alpha heroes are to die for. I like that she writes so many genres with different unique voices. She never fails to amaze me with her talent. She is freeking awesome. I’m so looking forward to her next release.

  18. Just as good as the book!

  19. Fabulous

    Paisley Cruz is FABULOUS!

  20. Absolutely loved Love Me Tender by Paisley Cruz!! A must read! It was hard to put down! Can’t wait for more books from this new author!

  21. Loved this book! I didn’t want to put it down. Can’t wait to see what else this author will write!

  22. This book was awesome. I really enjoyed reading this one. It kept me wanting more. Can’t wait to read more of this author.

  23. Love historical covers and Shady Grace’s is beautiful!

  24. I was fortunate enough to get an early release of this novella, and I read it all in one go. Nova is a poetic wordsmith, and Heartstrings is beautifully written and expressive. He did a lovely job with both physical and emotional descriptions, and provides the reader a wonderfully crafted setting of a luxurious music academy in which the characters reside. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions, Guy Largo being my personal favourite ♥ The dialogue was well done and I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was reading 😀 It’s a short, but charming and sweet story, and the steamy portions were indeed very passionate, rendered in a refreshingly honest way. My only wish is that story were longer; I would love to have seen more of Sergio, Vladimir, and Guy’s dynamics and struggles, and their transitioning relationships over a longer stretch of time. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable read, congrats :D!

  25. TK Lawyer

    I enjoyed getting to know Vladimir and Guy and I loved their story. These two men were clearly in love and their strong affection for each other easily drew me in and had me cheering for their relationship to continue on forever. However, I had mixed feelings when it came to Sergio and as much as I tried to give him a chance, I couldn’t connect with him. Even though Nova did a good job of explaining Sergio’s past and his staunch perseverance through many hurdles, I felt Vlad and Guy’s acceptance and subsequent caring for him moved too fast for the book, especially when you compare how long Vladimir and Guy had been together. It just didn’t seem plausible to care about someone so deeply, so quickly, and, as a result, I was ambivalent about what happened to Sergio. The ending though was beautiful and I was happy for Sergio that he found what he needed.
    Being an artsy creative type of person, myself, I could appreciate the excitement and wonder of the music school. I really liked this backdrop for the story. Nova is a great story teller, detailed when it comes to descriptions of one’s surroundings in the book and this added to the reality of the school.
    I recommend reading Heartstrings for it is a sweet love story and Nova’s talent with words and his good sense of humor gives this enjoyable story a good pace. This story will definitely tug at your own heartstrings.

  26. TDC Book Reviews

    Most impossible by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    Meet Cooper, the guy who was said to be the most invisible in high school.
    Meet Sunny, the girl who was said to be the most happy in high school.
    Meet Leanne, the girl that was said to be the most desirable and most attractive.
    Meet Jesse, the guy that was said to be the most athletic guy.
    Things are not always what they seem.
    A novella on what it is like facing the dreaded…..
    five year high school reunion.
    Cooper was a loner in school, he was constantly bullied for not having the right kind of body and the right kind of wealth. Cooper thought he was invisible in school, at home, and in life in general. His parents thought he was the mistake while his older brother was the one they cherished.
    Five Years later he makes a phone call to a phone sex operator, just to ask what he is doing wrong. He has a job, a vehicle, and his own place. He also is an attractive looking guy with a timid personality. After getting advice from the operator, he runs into Sunny who was always so kind to him. They hit it off instantly. Dreading the reunion, he runs into his two former bullies, little does he know how much they have all changed.
    This novel was written beautifully, the characters weren’t fully developed but that is expected in a short story. This is a great read and will touch anyone who has ever been bullied and made to feel invisible. I loved that this book sucked you in to where you had to finish it in one sitting.

  27. Sara Anderson

    This was a fun, lighthearted set of romance books. I really enjoyed it and the heat in the stories kept me turning the pages.

  28. TDC Book Reviews

    End of the Season by Jeffrey B.
    4 out of 5
    This is a short story about two young men, Sam and Eddie, who played in minor league baseball. Eddie is a young man that ran away from home to follow his dream of joining the major leagues. His father is a preacher that wanted him to follow in his footsteps.

    This book is set around the time of Pearl Harbor during World War ll. Sam is like his best friend and like a father figure to Eddie. Soon Eddie meets a girl that he falls for but he gets enrolled in the Navy and is sent off to Pearl Harbor. Her parents forbid her to write to him. Will Eddie be able to restore all of his relationships before it is to late?

    This is a good little story, that follows love, loss, and courage. It makes you think harder about the ones left behind when a loved one goes to war and how they cope. I give it four out of five stars because the characters weren’t really developed, but that is normal in a novella.

  29. Joe De Sisto

    I Vote Stolen Away for best cover.

  30. Ted Carol

    Dancing Queen has a vibrant cover that stands out from the rest.

  31. Ted Carol

    Extremely well written erotic story with a fabulous twist I didn’t see coming

  32. Peter Brady

    Sexy, raunchy & hot hot hot

  33. Exciting, fabulous book by Diane Demetre

  34. Laura Kalinowski

    Beautiful girl very seductive. The cover makes you want to read the book.

  35. Laura Kalinowski

    Couldn’t put it down, very hot.

  36. Margaret Sands

    Wow – so much better than 50 Shades!!!

  37. Margaret Sands

    Amazing dress!!

  38. Trudy Walker

    Absolutely worth a read, well written and a edgy page turner

  39. Trudy Walker

    Absolutely worth a read, well written and a edgy page turner.

  40. Robyn Powers

    Refreshing writing style and great plot. Very erotic love scenes

  41. Robyn Powers

    Sexy cover but not overdone

  42. Deborah Bispham

    Absolutely loved Dancing Queen. Brilliant! Can’t wait for more books by this author

  43. Marslie Smits

    Brilliant read! Racey and raunchy ☺️

  44. I love dance queen

  45. Exciting, tantalising and thrilling!! Thank goodness there’s a Book 2….what does Diane Demetre have in store next??

  46. Kim Pucher

    Fabulous book

  47. Wendy hdges

    Enjoyed dancing queen

  48. Sandra Ross

    Great story line and very engaging…..hard to put down once you start!

  49. Rachael Whitelaw

    Dancing Queen: Couldn’t put it down! Hot!


  51. Kim Pucher

    The cover is bright and colourful which really stands out

  52. Sandra Ross

    Love the red flowing free dress, you can feel her freedom and passion

  53. Lee-Anne

    Intriguing Read

  54. Robyn Powers

    I just read Dancing Queen and loved it. I love the relationship between the female friends. It reminded me of my girlfriends and me. I also loved the great sexy men. Diane can sure make them come alive. And the sex scenes – whoo-hoo! Hot mama! Aside from a terrific story that doesn’t keep repeating itself, the ending really got me. I didn’t see that coming. I’ll be reading more from this author as her next books come out

  55. Peter Brady

    I cannot wait to read Tiny Dancer. I found Diane’s story-line and writing style in Dancing Queen very refreshing….not to mention the explicitly raunchy sex scenes.
    Based on the blurb above Tiny Dancer will be another riveting read.
    Can you please advise when the paperback will be released.
    Thank you

  56. Luminosity Publishing

    Hi, Peter

    You will not be disappointed.

    Diane’s wonderful book, Tiny Dancer, will be available in paperback shortly. It is due out around the 1st April.

  57. Debbie

    Have just finished your book… I read non stop from half way through. Couldn’t put it down..👏👏👏 loved the juicy bits too. A good easy style read. Thanks ..

  58. Robyn Powers

    I read Dancing Queen, the first book by this author and really loved it so I was eager to read Tiny Dancer. I wasn’t disappointed. The stories are quite different as the books aren’t in series although there are moments on clever interconnection. The heroine in Dancing Queen was 42 while in Tiny Dancer she is 24 which makes the characters and plot specific to the lives of younger people. Special appearances by the Dancing Queen heroine adds a real spark to the story which I enjoyed a lot. The more I read, the more I had to keep reading to find out what happened. Loved the twist at the end  The author weaves a message of female independence and following your heart throughout the story which I really enjoyed. 5 stars

  59. Okay so I don’t have much to say but wow and I’m definitely going to be readin a lot more of rosemary willhide’s books

  60. Love Derek and nia!! Such an awesome series ! I’ve read it some many times I almost know the words !

  61. Hmm…any advice??
    I’ve added Subspace #6 to my cart on ARe site, but it will not give me the sale price. Thank You 🙂

  62. Sorry that happened, Melissa. We’ll send you a copy free of charge.

  63. I love this new series. More please.

  64. Great books!

  65. Mark pucher


  66. Lynn Santer


  67. Brad Hunt

    Great book

  68. What a great book. Loved Tiny Dancer 🙂

  69. Antje vanderveen

    Not only romantic , but exciting as well, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

  70. Antje vanderveen

    This story is so original! Loved the plot. Diane takes you right inside her stories and settings.
    Must read!

  71. Christine

    Thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant read

  72. Christine

    Very vibrant cover with great sex appeal

  73. Christine

    Very vibrant cover

  74. Barry Laebalestier

    We loved bo th the Tiny Dancer and the cover of Dance of the Gypsie is sensational. Barry Larbalestier

  75. Janelle Greelish

    Love the cover! Got my attention!

  76. fab book to read rearly enjoyed it

  77. Love HC Browns books.

  78. Robyn Powers

    Tiny Dancer is now one of my all-time favourite books. Love the characters, storyline and the setting. 5 Stars in my opinion

  79. Peter Brady

    Dance to a Gypsy Beat has a come-read-me cover.

  80. Amara Lebel

    I’m so excited to be joining the team. Thank you for the warm welcome

  81. Amara, we look forward to working with you and seeing your fantastic MM Paranormal Romance published.